ReOrganize! 2.3

It organizes your portable player music track by track, shuffle or A-Z/Z-A
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ReOrganize! as its name says, allows you to organize your music files saved on your portable player by arranging them track by track, shuffle or A-Z/Z-A. It is really easy to use. The main window shows both: My Computer drives and folders at the left, and My Player folders and files content at the right. Then, you can backup your music files from your portable device to your computer or vice versa, without having to open two windows or switch between them (your portable player must be connected before browsing it). ReOrganize! also allows you to playback your music files. The first time you run the program, the settings dialog let you change the necessary options - these options can be modified at any time: You can select the portable player drive; player sort type - it can be ordered by file allocation table (FAT), by filename (it includes 8.3 filename format recognition) or by file creation time; it also has three sort keys that can be used to sort files by title, artist, album, track number, etc. Requirements: Windows Media Player 7 or higher.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can arrange the music of your portable player track by track, shuffle or A-Z/Z-A


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